Term & Conditions

Star Dental Crown, the first-ever artificial tooth company in India, is offering a Free Registration for Dental Centres all over the country to refer patients to clinics.

Please go through the details below and send over your consent for the registration of your centre to get displayed on the company's website.

1. Product Details and MRP:-

Serial No. Products Warranty MRP in Rupee
1 Regular PFM Crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal) NA 4000
2 Nobel PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) 6 Months Limited Warranty 5000
3 Elite PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)-Cad-Cam 12 Month Limited Warranty 6000
4 Regular Full Zirconia Crowns No Warranty 9500
5 Nobel Zirconia (Porcelain fused to Zirconia)Crown 6 Months Limited Warranty 11500
6 Elite Zirconia (Porcelain fused to Zirconia)Crown 12 Month Limited Warranty 14000
7 Full Porcelain Crowns 12 Month Limited Warranty 13000
8 Habit Breaking Appliance NA 4000
9 Metal crowns NA 2700

2. How It Works:

  • The dentists registered with Star Dental Crown receive new patients from the company’s website – www.stardentalcrown.com.
  • All the registered dentists receive an 95% share of the MRP of the product wherein they prepare, fabricate, and fix the crown & bridge in the patient’s mouth.
  • The amount is paid to the dentist as per the pricing details above in a 15-30 days cycle.

3. Warranty Cards:

  • The patients being treated by the registered dentists receive a warranty card from Star Dental Crown.

4. Dentist Enrolment:

  • Upon receiving the consent, Star Dental Crown enrols the dentist on the website - www.stardentalcrown.com.
  • The website allows the patients to locate the nearest Star Dental Crown Centre and get treatment from the dentist.

5. Important Information:

  • The Star Dental Crown has no concern with any other dental treatments. It must be noted that the dentist may charge the patients however for other procedures. Star Dental Crown is neither responsible for the other treatments, nor is a partner in profit of it.
  • Any chip-off, minor crown repair, and repeat fabrication of teeth crown or bridge, along with the fixing will be free of cost by the registered dentists as per the warranty commitment of Star dental crown to the patients.

6. Promotional Offers:

  • The registered dentists must agree to the terms and conditions for any promotional offers, discounts, and motivation programs to reach out to maximum patients and brand build-up. It allows generating more opportunities for registered dentists.

7. Right To Make Changes:

  • Star Dental Crown reserves the right to include or exclude any registered dental practitioners. The company may modify the terms and conditions with time and it will be the responsibility of the registered practitioners to keep themselves updated with these changes.

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