About Star Dental Crown ®

Star Dental Crown ® is the leading exporter of Dental Artificial Crowns / Bridges made up of (PFM) Porcelain Fused to Metal, Zirconia Metal, All Porcelain or All Ceramic to the Leading Dentist and Dental Laboratory in United States of America (U.S.A), United Kingdom (U.K), France, etc. With the experience gained from 12 years in running the dental laboratories, we are moving forward with a new vision and developing internal operational processes to deliver Star Dental Crown ® products and in building strong relationships with our dentists to ensure we meet your every need. We Star Dental Crown ® is now entering in to the retail dentistry by offering our Brand to the patients directly with the fixed amount of the crown including the dentist charges ( prepare and fixing of the Star Dental Crown ®).

Now first time ever in the field of dentistry throughout the world we are launching a new brand Star Dental Crown ® in India

We have over 40 fully qualified Star Dental Crown ® registered dentists all over India with minimum of 12 years of clinical experience. Our Star Dental Crown ® registered dentists are comprehensively experienced to a high standard providing you with consistent quality restorations with precise fit and proper function time after time.